Qualified vendors wants to trade with you Pharmaceutical TALC POWDER and other EXIPIENTS RAW MATERIAL, it’s your turn, do you accept?
Put a one feet step in with PharmaLink and let the rest lie on our shoulders, receive the best quality excipient raw materials on top of which is pharmaceutical Talc Powder at the best of your convenience to meet your requirements and industrial goals on quality time.

Drug product manufacturers must ensure the appropriate selection of excipients when developing drug formulations while ensuring the highest quality standard and innocuity to both patients and the environment. In PharmaLink we work hard to help you through a cluster of consultation and research services to help you select the best supplier for your required excipients if at our convenience.

We claim to be the first consultancy company in Egypt that managed to secure the first process of exporting Talc Powder as a pharmaceutical grade raw material from a supplier in Egypt to North African Pharmaceutical companies.

Trust PharmaLink, helping you finding your way for the best required material quality and the best prices and the most empirically successful process and logistics.